Digital X-Rays

Faster. Safer. Environmentally friendly.

Faster. Safer. Environmentally friendly. We learn a lot about your oral health through our visual examination of your teeth and gums. But even with 20/20 vision, there are things tht can't be seen witb the naked eye. Techno1gical tools are invalulble in helping us detect potential trouble, and by far the most effective of these is the dental radiograph, or x-ray.

We are now able to offer our patients a new type of x-ray, the digital radiograph, which offers benefits beyond the traditional x-ray_ We place a sensor that is about the size and shape of a domino on the inside of your cheek. It sends signals to a computer which are translated into large, crisp, electronic pictutures of your teeth, supporting bones, and gums.

The pictures can be enlarged and colored for clarification and are stored in your file for future reference.

Because digital radiographs require up to 90% less radiaition than traditional x-rays, you can relax knowing that your exposure to radiation is less!

The digital radiograph makes it easier and less expensive to detect, diagnose and plan treatment long before problems become visible to the naked eye. We'll recommend digital radiographs periodically, as you need them. It's the best and safest way to guard your smile against unexpected problems!