Laser Beams into East Hanover

The American Dental Laser is a pulsed ND:YAG  laser designed by a dentist for many types of dental treatment. It is very similar to the laser used by ophthalmologists for almost 15 years. FDA approval was granted in May of 1990. Only eight dental lasers  are installed in the State of New Jersey.

Our office is committed to bring you the  most advanced treatment available!

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Four out of five teeth agree:

Lasers work great!

Atlantic City, New Jersey: At the annual session of the New Jersey Dental Association, Dr. John Graeber of East Hanover presented his original research on the anesthesia of teeth using the new technology of the YAG dental laser.

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State of The Art!

Cerec 3TM Smile Restoration Technology

We are very proud to be able to offer you the world's most advanced dental restoration system. With the Cerec 3TM system we can manufacture lifelike porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays, and fillings right here in our office.

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Universal precautions/Pain Emergencies

Reducing the chances of spreading infectious diseases is a "high priority" in the dental profession. Our office uses comprehensive infection control procedures which comply with the "universal precautions" set and regulated by government and professional agencies.
Our staff is trained on how infectious diseases are transmitted, techniques of disease prevention, and the use of control procedures. We routinely monitor our infection control policies and update training as necessary.

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Digital X-Rays

Faster. Safer. Environmentally friendly.

Faster. Safer. Environmentally friendly. We learn a lot about your oral health through our visual examination of your teeth and gums. But even with 20/20 vision, there are things that can't be seen with the naked eye. Techno1gical tools are invaluable in helping us detect potential trouble, and by far the most effective of these is the dental radio graph, or x-ray.

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At Your Service

We are a Patient-Centered full-service practice.

Save yourself and your teeth the trauma of “The Drill.” Dr. Graeber’s micro air abrasion technique uses compressed air and micro-fine particles to “sandblast” cavities. You’ll be surprised at the difference a little air can make:  Other Cavity treatment will be accomplished by a painless Hard tissue laser.

For cavity treatment we usually are able to use our air-abrasion equipment without the need for needles or drills. All cavities are restored with light-hardened tooth colored resins. No silver fillings have been used for years.

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